NSWCCC Cross Country Championships 2016

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016 1:42 PM

On Friday 17th June, Broken Bay had 74 students compete at the NSWCCC Cross Country event at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.


In addition to all NSWCCC Diocese and Associations, all of the NSWCPS (primary schools), were in attendance as well. Huge day!


In typical Broken Bay spirit, the students were polite, enthusiastic about racing, humble in victory and gracious in defeat!


We had some very pleasing results with 15 students progressing through to the NSWCCC Team, to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships (top 10 in each age group)


Jack Coates                                         St Paul’s Catholic College                             1st 13 years boys

Belinda Scott                                      St Edmunds College                                       1st AWD girls
(*Belinda is 15 but was the top AWD female in all of NSWCCC*)

Emma Mahon                                     Stella Maris College                                       2nd 13 years girls

Capri Vidler                                        Mount St Benedict College                            2nd 16 years girls

Sophie Holliday                                 St Joseph’s Catholic College                           3rd 13 years girls

Roxy Beuzeville                                 Brigidine College                                            4th 13 years girls

Isabella Thornton-Bott                       Mercy Catholic College                                  4th 18 years girls

Kyle Graham                                      St Edwards College                                         5th 13 years boys

Jack Haggerty                                     Mater Maria Catholic College                        6th 14 years boys

Molly Marr                                          Stella Maris College                                       6th 16 years girls

Tasma Woolley                                    Stella Maris College                                       8th 15 years girls

Jessica Corcoran                                  Mount St Benedict College                            9th 17 years girls

Jasmyn Garrick                                     St Joseph’s Catholic College                        10th 17 years girls

Harvey Timms                                   St Leo’s Catholic College                               10th 16 years boys

Click here for full RESULTS


Many thanks to our team managers Tom Ristuccia, Jane Knapinski and Jenny Wickham for organising our team, as well as officials Mark Feledy and Tin Clancy.


Well done Broken Bay and good luck to our runners at NSW All Schools!!!