BBSSSA Surfing and Bodyboarding 2016

Thursday, 22 Sep 2016 12:17 PM


Friday 9th September saw students from Broken Bay Catholic Schools hit the beach at Avoca for the annual Surfing and Bodyboarding Comp. With onshore winds and a tricky 2-3 foot North Easterly swell hitting the northern end of the beach, we were lucky to find 2 decent banks around the Shark Tower. Surfing NSW set up their tents on the main bank whilst everyone pitched in to get a second bank up and running for the body boarding judges. Thanks to Aidan Taylor from St Peters who ran the show on this second bank and ensured things ran smoothly.

After the morning briefing to explain the Shark Evacuation procedure and judging criteria, Tony Herringe had the Junior Boys checked in for the first heat of the morning on the main bank and at about 7:40am the siren sounded finally kicking off the Broken Bay surf comp 2016. With a low tide and the best winds of the day the junior boys kicked off the day ripping into the small surf on offer. This continued through the day with the big surprisingly big field of girls ripping into any peak they could find. As the wind came up the sweep increased which meant at times surfers were all on the one bank. This made judging difficult but with experts on deck the scores kept coming in.

I won’t single out any individuals but the standard of surfing was epic and spectators were treated to an exciting display of rail surfing, big hacks and a few aerials. A real positive to come out of the day was that with no free surfing on offer, it meant that the students who weren’t competing were on the beach, not just supporting their team mates, but audibly expressing an appreciation of high quality surfing in general. It was great to hear the cheering on the beach which added to the atmosphere come finals time.

Thanks to all of the team managers involved, keeping their students in check and for the effort of all of the students on the day leaving our beautiful beach clean. Congratulations and thanks to all who attended and competed competed and being new to this contest director gig, I really appreciated the support provided and the excellent cakes made by Tina Danckert.

Hope to see you all back again next year.




Girls Junior Surfboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Mackensie Davidson (St Peters)

                                    2nd Place       Jas Riggs (Stella Maris)

                                    3rd Place        Mika Flower (Stella Maris)

                                    4th Place        Charlie Allport (St Peters)

Girls Open Surfboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Jasmine Carr (Mater Maria)

                                    2nd Place       Finlay Ramage (St Josephs)

                                    3rd Place        Hannah Robotham (Mater Maria)

                                    4th Place        Eve Crass (St Peters)

Girls Malibu

Congratulations      1st. Place       Brodie Walters (St Peters)

                                    2nd Place       Olivia Kernick  (St Peters)


Girls Bodyboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Isabella Kaye (St Peter’s)


Boys Junior Surfboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Ben Walsh (St Augustines)

                                    2nd Place       George Pittar (St Augustines)

                                    3rd Place        Axel Rose Curroto (St Paul’s)  

                                    4th Place        Zac Patterson (St Edward's)

Boys Open Surfboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Samson Coulter (St Augustines)

                                    2nd Place       Seamus Hogan (St Edward's)

                                    3rd Place        Flynn Flaherty (St Edward's)

                                    4th Place        Josh McManus (St Paul’s)

Boys Malibu

Congratulations      1st. Place       Jonay Pautansuu (St Paul’s)

                                    2nd Place       Will Grenkie (St Paul’s)

                                    3rd Place        Lachlan McKay (St Edward’s)

                                    4th Place        Callum Baker (St Edward's)

Boys Junior Bodyboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Trent Alleyne (Mater Maria)

                                    2nd Place       Kye Haslam (St Peter’s)

                                    3rd Place        Toby Rutherford (St Edward's)

                                    4th Place        Harry Kaye (St Pauls)

Boys Open Bodyboard

Congratulations      1st. Place       Brady Rankin (St Edward's)

                                    2nd Place       Ben O’Mara (St Edward's)

                                    3rd Place        Brendan Thom (Mackillop)

                                    4th Place        Nick Oakes (St Peter’s)


Congratulations St Peters  Champion School - Girls

Congratulations St Edward’s  Champion School - Boys


Michael Lord

Contest Convenor