Year 7 ONLY, juniors (Y7/8) intermediate (Y9/10), &

OPEN (Y7-12)





 This event has been cancelled for 2020


 Pennant Hills Netball Centre, Pennant Hills Park (off  Britannia St)

Map of Pennant Hills Park

Map of netball court (layout)


 Year 7 ONLY, Junior (Y7/8) Intermediate (Y9/10), Open  (Y7-12)


2020 Draw TBC


 Commencing Time:


 Concluding Time:



 $150.00 GST free per team

 Rules and Information:

1      Games 2 x 10 minute halves with 2 minutes at half time (TBC). 

2      Teams swap ends for each half.

3      A scorer from each team must stand at the half way line with the official score card for the duration of the game. Both team captains and both umpires need to sign the score sheet. Score sheets are to be returned to the control desk immediately following the games by the winning team.

4      Point score:   Win      =     2 points

                            Draw   =     1 points

                            Loss    =     0 point

                            Forfeit  =     2 points

                            Bye      =    0 points

                     Abandoned =    1point*


 *If game abandoned prior to half time – 1 point each team

 *If game abandoned at or after half time – result as per score sheet at that  time to apply.


5      All schools are to provide umpires for their Y7/8 team and Y7 team (Preferably National “C” for the JUN division) the rest of the umpires will be organised by the carnival convenor. Schools wishing to supply additional umpires will need to submit names and qualifications to the carnival convenor prior to the end of Term 2 (additional adult umpires with National “C”: badges or higher will be added to the paid pool). Only ‘C’ badged umpires or higher will be accepted for the Y9/10 and Y11/12 divisions. Pool umpires will be randomly allocated teams for the day and paid the appropriate rate.

6      Late for First Round Only:  if a team is late for the first round of competition due to transport problems, the game will be played with no penalty to the team if it is before the completion of the first half.  The time will be whatever time is left in that round.  If the team arrives after the first half it will be up to the two teams to decide whether to play or not.  If an agreement cannot be reached the game will be deemed a forfeit by the late team.

7      A team is deemed to have forfeited a game if they are more than two minutes late.  They can still play the game but no points will be awarded to the late team.



8      The top 2 teams determined by the overall point score will play in a grand final at the end of the day to determine the champion school for each division. Where a two pool system is operating there will be semi finals played between Broken Bay affiliated schools only to determine positions in the final.

9      At the conclusion of the round robin, if a tie occurs the results will be based on goal average  

for each team as follows:

               I.         Highest goal difference

              II.         Most goals scored in favour

             III.         Least goals scored against

           IV.         The school that won the previous encounter between the 2 teams in their pool game.

            V.         Goal average: Total number of goals scored by the team, divided by the total number of goals scored against the team, multiplied by 100 and divided by the actual number of matches played by that team. The total number of matches played includes a match a team has forfeited, but does not include a match where a team has received a forfeit.

10   If a draw occurs in the semi finals or final and after extended time of 2 minutes each way (30 second half time) a draw still occurs, the team finishing higher in their pool will advance to the final  (ie the team who finished first) and in the final the two teams competing will be deemed joint champions.

11   Medals will be awarded to the grand final winners, and runners up.

12   If the day is abandoned after every team has played at least 3 games medals will be awarded. Where a tie exists, goal averages will be used to determine first and second place.

13   Schools may enter one team in each division.

14   To follow NSW CCC Championship rules 'Opens' teams are allowed players in Y7-12.

15   Students should only play in one division unless permission is granted by the carnival convenor due to exceptional circumstances on the day (eg multiple injuries). Once a student plays in up in a higher division, she must remain with that team for the remainder of the day otherwise points won by both teams while she was playing will be forfeited.

16   No injury time will be played except in the grand final. A maximum of 2 minutes injury time will be played at the end of the grand final, if an injury has occurred during the match.

17   In the event of a critical incident the carnival may be stopped temporarily or terminated depending on the severity of the individual case.

18   Each school is responsible for the supervision of their teams and keeping their own area clean.

19   All matched will be conducted as per NNSWA Ltd Carnival Rules unless otherwise stated.

20   First Aid will be available at the venue in the first aid room between courts 15 and 17.